About Us

Worldwide our Congregation exist and minister in Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Italy and Sweeden. We are a Congregation of
Educators, Nursing and Pastoral Work.

About our life

We are an Order of Saint Francis, we are a Roman Catholic congregation of religious women of the Third Order of St. Francis of Assisi. Our congregation was established in a place called Siessen in Germany. That is why we are also called The Franciscan Sisters of Siessen. We dedicate ourselves to living joyfully through the Franciscan values of simplicity, poverty, and obedience.

This means that our mission around the world is with the poor in their many faces and loving and respecting creation any every person.Many of our communities are among the poor in order to follow in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi.

Meet Our Sisters

At the moment we have (+-)48 sisters and many of them are still very active.

We care for the sick, visit the dying and pray with them to the very end. But they also have specific projects that contribute to the livelihood of the community.

We are running creches and most of those creches are in places where people have lost hope because of poverty. In addition, the sisters run old age homes in the region. Many of the aged and sick people do not have families. Some of them we even have to bury when they die, as no one else will.

We are also helping people who are still staying in the farmstead those who are unskilled, we teach them skills to be able to look after themselves, The Sisters also help bring families together through counselling and Social Work Services.



We love the adventure with God, which makes our life so exciting. Curious? The greatest and most precious gift ever on earth: Jesus Christ

South Africa

“Rejoice with us Franciscan Sisters of Siessen from South Africa. We praise, love and serve God in the spirit of St. Francis: Simplicity and Humility."


“Our Holy Order must be everywhere, poor and small, in the spirit of its Founder, our Seraphic Father Saint Francis. "