Assisi Bakery Project

Peace and All Good Assisi Bakery

Peace and All Good Project as it is also been called, was also established to change the lives of the poor and unemployed. This project is specializing with bakery. Since there are no shops in Marseilles, at least because of this project, bread and other things are provided with a small amount of money to keep the project running. This bread is sold to the school and to the families around Assisi and other farms.

The blessing of this bakery also took place on the same day. And there were already some cakes and bread in the bakery ordered 

The initial start of the Bakery project was already in 2018 September, when I, Sr Constantia together with Sr Ernestina attended a Training Workshop (Impact Orientated Participatory Project Management for Congregations) in Marian Hill, Pinetown, near Durban. The workshop was conducted by Michael and Ursula, both from Germany and Sr Jane from Kenya. 

The intention of the training Workshop was mainly to help participants of East Africa and South Africa, to start with projects and to find ways for fundraising, preferably locally. In our training we were given an assignment to start a project for the Congregation/Province. In our dream we thought the Bakery would be a great deal in our situation at Assisi as the topic of bakery was already in the minds of some people. The dream was shared and discussed with the community of Sisters and inhabitants of our village. Looking at the situation of our people, we thought it might help in many ways. 

The training and realization of the project step by step could make a difference especially for young people, because many of them don’t neither have a job, nor any perspective for their live. Finally most of the people at the Assisi Mission would benefit from the project. Jobs could be created in order that members of the community are able to support and feed their children. Also the Children attending our Primary Farm School could be provided with fresh and healthy bread. At the end of the year 2019 the project started slowly with the fundraising that was done by a group of women who indeed sacrificed their time to bake biscuits and selling them amongst themselves and neighbouring farms. 

The Regina Pacis Centre could be used through the generosity of Sister Mechthilde who offered the kitchen and the facilities for baking free of charge. At the same time the renovation of an old building, that was used by the Department of Health as a Clinic started. The Province also played their part by offering this building for this good purpose. The expenses for the renovations have been covered entirely through the Mission Procura in Germany. This support, initiated by Sr Tanja, really played a big role that this project could be realized and that we could make progress until today. The renovations and the furnishing of the building was completed in July 2020 and finally approved by the Health Department. The Assisi Bakery started officially with a test run in August. The first Trainings and the testing of the machines were very exciting moments for the whole group from the “Peace and all good development project”, which includes about 10 members. 

There was also a lot of fun, because nobody from the group could call himself an expert in baking. But by sharing the experiences and putting together the little knowledge of some members from the group it became a success and the results where admired, praised and shared enthusiastically. 

For a further Training, Mr Abel Feldman was invited to share his knowledge as an expert with the group. We were very grateful that he offered himself and his time free of charge for the whole day. After the training everybody took a break and enjoyed the self-made products. In January 2021 two ladies will join a training in Gauteng, they will be doing courses on computer and baking for six months. We trust, that the investment will pay out for the good progress of the “Assisi Bakery Project”. 

Sr M. Constantia Montoeli