Boitumelo Ann Mahlong

My Spiritual Journey

Hello! Boitumelo Ann Mahlong and I am from Sebokeng.

Religious life has been a hardship for me. I came to a point where I had to leave in the middle of my formation journey. Where I needed to discern upon my Vocation. Many things flashback to me where they stood in front of me and my Vocation. The almighty God commanded me through my prayers that he will protect and guide me in whatever decision I take.

Even if I had to leave this place, but now I am back and I’m willing to worship him. My chosen symbol is a rock. This rock to me emphasizes strengthens and ability the challenge any difficulties I face in life especially in my spiritual journey.

Comparing the Symbol with my Life

Great things always begin in a small hidden and quiet way. When God gives the exit people to lead you through the right path of Life. Journeying with the sisters since 2016 and even granted a second chance in 2020 was uprooting and God’s grace to join the Franciscan Sisters of season.

 in gratitude to God and to the step and I’m about to take, I ask God hard to deepen my faith, strengthen my resolve. let me know him more intimately. guide me to fight my everyday battles and challenges and always be a solid, hard, smooth as this rock because ho ba moitlami wa nnete, o hloka boikokobetso, mamello hobane bophelong bona re a ikgalaletsa. (to be a real religious, you need to learn humility and persevere. Because in this life we are sanctifying ourselves.)