Children Of Mary


Pope Pius IX entrusted the Children of Mary to the intercession of St. Philomena, a young virgin martyr, who gave her life in witness to Christ at the age of 13. Her body was discovered in the catecomb of St. Priscilla in 1802. Through her intercession, countless miracles have been worked throughout the world. Many other saints have had great devotion to St. Philomena and she has been honored by many Popes. St. Philomena is also venerated as the patron saint of youth and miracles. She reminds us that courage can be found in the young and that innocence is strength.

The Children of Mary is part of the World-wide Family of St. Philomena. The Children of Mary is an organization for young people between the ages of 7 and 18 who wish to consecrate themselves in a special way to Our Blessed Mother. The sign of membership is the Miraculous Medal worn on a broad blue ribbon.

Children of Mary in Bloemfontein Diocese

As Franciscan Sisters of Siessen, Sr. Edna: based on our charism, we aught to see to it that a young girl in the Church is recognized in the church. She advice them to try their best to do well at school. To take care of the elderly people, and to pray the Holy Rosary the community. to make sure that the message of Our Lady of Fatima is understood by other young people in the Church.
May Mary be  loved and be known throughout the Whole word!