Children of St. Francis


Every semester the sisters go around the villages to collect children to celebrate Easter and  Christmas together.

In the first semester. Children are fetched either during school holiday or in the long weekend of public holidays. The event will start with visitation to the Lion park and then stations of the Cross from one village to another. The procession will end in Assisi Mission and children will enjoy stories about Easter and spend few days been taken care of. Many of these children are very poor and they always enjoy this occasion which is done for them.

The sisters through the help of benefactors from Germany and
Sr. Cassia. They buy clothes and presents for all the children gathered. On
Christmas Day a special meal is prepared for all and it is always a remarkable
day for many children.

During those few days kids are confronted with different
activities including educational games, watching movies, sharing talents and
practising for Christmas play or passion play.

In the second semester. From the 23 to 27  December, kids will again be in Assisi for Christmas Celebration. The reason for this is to bring happiness to them because many of them do not see any reason to celebrate Christmas due to poverty.