Franciscan Sisters- St. Mary’s-Bothaville

Franciscan Sisters- St. Mary's-Bothaville

Kroonstad Diocese

At Bothaville in the diocese of Kroonstad, the Sisters are involved in the education of the children in the Pre-School and doing Pastoral Work at St Mary's Parish.

Contact Details:

Franciscan Sisters – Bothaville Convent
PO Box 859

Tel: 056 515 8698

Pre-School Address: 655 Van Stawel St, Khotsong, Bothaville, 9660

The Creche's name is St. Mary's. It serve Children from the age of 2 to 6. This Creche belongs to the Diocese of Kroonstad not to the sisters even though the sisters are managing it. The main manager is the Bishop of Kroonstad himself.

Pastoral Work with Sr. M. Irene

Bothaville is one of the small towns in Free State, there are many poor and vulnerable people in this area. The Franciscan Sisters are there to practice the spirit of St. Francis Of Assisi, by sharing with the poor the little they have.

In the pictures you see here, there is a family of 26 years old Mother who has 6 children and she is not so well, she doesn't have ID, no work. the sisters are helping her through donations from the church and other stakeholders. the sisters are also organizing that she gets ID so that Children may receive grants. That can change the situation in the house. We thank all the families or companies who are always willing to contribute when the sisters are trying to change the live of other people.

Some people who are unable to take care of themselves were taken to Bloemfontein to Lesedi Center of Hope. where they will receive a tender care and medical attention.