Friends of The Sisters


This group started by few women from the Parish of St. Rose in Bloemfontein Diocese who were inspired by the Holy Spirit to show an appreciation to all Religious Sisters in the Diocese, especially for the role they play in the Church of which in many cases they are not recognized and yet many lives were changed because of them.

Honoring the Sisters who have reached 60 years old.

The sisters also took part during music festival. 

Many of these Ladies were taught, nursed, raised by Religious Sisters, some of these Ladies (Friends of Sisters) benefited from the help offered by the sisters in one way or another.

Friends of The Sisters are just ordinary Woman in the Catholic Church who want the church to admire the presence of Religious Sisters in the Church.

They strongly feel like Just as Priests and Deacons are from families so do the Sisters. Although the Church gives more attention to men than women, Friends of the Sisters decided to make it their duty to support the projects run by the sisters for the good of the society and the church in general.

These ladies are just ordinary women who have their own families and they sacrifices a lot to make sure that the sisters are well looked after.

They organize an event annually where they invite all the Religious Sisters in the Diocese of Bloemfontein. They raise funds for the event and collect items and ask for sponsors and donations to give to the sisters on that particular event. During the event, Friends of the sisters come up with different ideas every year, the sisters will be spoiled with either good talks, nail treatment, music festival etc. That will end up with a very good lunch and gifts of groceries to all the convents. And Projects run by the sisters. Including our own Lesedi Center of Hope.

Lunch time

Music festival

Lunch with Dr. Nontando Hadebe

Nail Treatment

Nail Treatment

In the beginning the sisters hesitated to attend this event which is specifically organized for them because they felt that they do not deserve it. The sisters are used to the idea that Church honours who dedicated their lives for the good of the Church other than women and they respect it.

We as Franciscan Sisters would like to express our sincere gratitude for the thoughtfulness, generosity and love which is overwhelming and we.

May the Almighty God Bless and protect Friends of the Sisters, may He reward each and every member with all the graces they need in their lives.