As the postulant feels more confident of her vocation to religious life and our community, she petitions to be admitted into the novitiate. This period of formation lasts for two years.

The entrance into the novitiate is requires a bit of discernment. In the beginning the Postulant receives a dress that looks slightly different from that one of the sisters and after some months, she then receives the religious habit and a white veil. She also receives a new name or she can choose a name and she will be called by that name from this time on. She also receive a new Novice Directress.

Novitiate is a time during which she deepens her relationship with Christ through prayer, study and community life. The novice studies the Rule and Life of the Third Order of St. Francis and our Statutes, She learns more about the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience and is formed to lead the life of perfection in the spirit of our association. Depending on the growth shown, novitiate may be two years are there might be six months extension after this two years, this is a canonical given period.

First Year Novices

Second Year Novices

Sr. M. Eugenia Khaeng

Sr. Maria Lebeko

Sr. M. Chiara-Raphaela Setlhare