Sr. M. Colette Seele

I am Sr.Colette Sele, was born on the 24th September 1969.

I am originally from Kuruman Mothibistad in the Diocese of Kimberley. 

While I was still a teenager and in the Chiro Movement, I happened to meet the Franciscan Sisters and was one day invited for a vocational workshop. Since that time I kept contact with the Sisters and never missed their workshop.

I matriculated in 1988.

In 1989, I was asked to relieve a teacher who was due for her maternity leave at the middle school in Mothibistad. I taught Tswana and Geography. The principal was very much impressed and wanted me to be a part time teacher. He advised me to do the teachers course while temporarily teaching. I had an indecisive heart at that time. During the December holidays in the very same year. I attended the Tswana region Dioceses 's meeting as I was te Diocesan Leader for Girls in the Kimberley Diocese. On the last day during Holy Mass when we were offering each other a sign of peace, we sang a chorus “Reach out and touch somebody' s hand and make his world a better place". I was very much struck by this words as the way we were expressing our peace was so moving. It was at that time that God spoke to me. I decided on that day that I am going to join the Sisters. In 1990 January 01new year's day I travelled with Sr. Rita Sebolai to Assisi and was ready to stay and join the Sisters. 

I was welcomed heartedly. I made my Final Profession as a Religious. I trained as a professional nurse, obtained my Diploma in General Nursing at Free State School of Nursing. In 2001Jan I was sent to Kuruman Batlharos, to manage the Old Age Home after the retirement of Sr Rita. In 2010 I enrolled for a distance learning with Unisa ( University of S. A) for Degree in Nursing Health Management and Health Nursing Science. In 2014 I obtained the Certificate in Bachelor of Arts in Nursing Science. Just when I was thinking of applying for Governmental Job, I was elected to be the Provincial Superior for 3 years and that was in 2014. In the Provincial Chapter that was held in 2017 I was re-elected for another 3 years. My term of office ended in 2020 September 25th.

I am looking forward for a new start and surely God will open a door for me somewhere to continue with in His mission.