Tshepang Victoria Mofokeng

Hi there! I am Tshepang. Click here for my story!!!

My calling started in 2016 whereby I had a strong feeling of serving the Lord with all my heart. And the desire was so strong even though I did join the sodality of St. Stephens but I did not stay long in it. I found myself joining children of Mary.

While I was still on a journey with them I did find information about the religious sisters and I end up being in contact with Franciscan sisters of siessen. 

My first encounter with the sisters was with sister Bernadette when she invited me for a come and see and when I got here I felt more at peace. I felt at home and my heart was at peace I got what my heart has been longing for that's when I decided to join the congregation I compare my calling with the scripture of Luke chapter 14 Verse 25 to 26 that says the cost of being a disciple as I decided to follow god more and more than I love my own family even more than I love myself therefore I also carry my own Cross and be his disciple to love and serve him I will leave psalm 23 and make sure that whatever comes in my way god will be with me all the time dear sisters I can't ask you to accept me as a candidate in your congregation to learn and serve the Lord amen