Assisi Farm Fort Savage

In The Provincial house there is a Farm which is run by Sr. M. Valentina and Sr. Mary-Margareth. At the moment Sr. M. Valentina is running the Farm alone with the help of Sr. Rita-Maria while Sr. Mary- Margareth is still finishing her Agricultural Studies.

This farm give a hope not only to the Franciscan Sisters but also to the people who resides in the Village of Assisi and other villages surrounding Assisi Mission and Marseilles in general.

The mission also has a school, church and clinic, which service the village.This Farm created job opportunities to many villagers. And it provide them with Milk and meat.At the moment the Farm has Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Chicken, Geese, Rabbits and a field of Crops.

The Franciscan Sisters of Siessen in the Free State serve all, through promoting a love for all creatures, humility, peace, joy and happiness.