St. Joseph’s Children’s Centre

The main work here is the Pre-School where the motto is:" Shaping Hearts, Growing Characters." The Sisters also participate in Pastoral Work at St Joseph’s Church and at the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Contact Details:

95 Exton Road

Tel & Fax: +27(0)51 433 3211

This Crèche operates according to the general school program. We open the gate every morning at 7:00 o’clock and we close at 17:00. There is no school over the weekends, public holidays and on general school holidays.Children are divided into three different classes. Tiny Tots (3 to 4 years), Telletubbies (4 to 5 years) and Honey Bs (5 to 6 years). Children learn Life Skills (Health, Religious, art and culture etc), Numeracy (Mathematics) and Literacy (Languages and vocabulary).

Our Aims and objectives

To further the interests and well-being of the children enrolled in our Centre and to inculcate in the child, a Christian disposition.

 There is parents meeting, fundraising event and school outing in every term. Exception is made if there is a need.

What is special about our crèche is the fact that it is still a Christian based school and multiracial. The quality of education is high and make the work easy for the children in the future.

Parents work hand in hand with the staff by organizing different fundraising activities. To help the management to cover other needs of the Centre. e.g. Renovations and upgrading of the educational aids, etc. this is a slow process according to the needs of the Centre but it is working so far.