Kekeletso Ramafikeng

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I belong to the children of Mary in my home Parish the sodality is for young girls who aims to leave at your life imitating the mother of God preserving their virginity and Being Pure in mind and heart a vocation always hairstyles of mystery to it there can be many things which influence one to become a religious but ultimately it is a calling and I have always been struck by the words of Jesus you haven’t chosen me I have chosen you in 2018 during the year we had visitors in our church during maths mass as I was sitting behind them I wondered who are these ladies where do they come from and why are they dressed like this many questions but no answers there came a time to offer each other the sign of peace and if I was busy greeting them looking at them in the eyes I felt like I see Mother Mary herself immediately after holy mass I went to one of them asked her questions but she insist if I visit them this is when my journey started whereby I visited Saint Joseph in Bloemfontein and on the 2nd of October I came to ACC and all the 3rd of October we celebrated the Feast of Saint Francis seeing the franciscans of season with their habits and long veil really got my heart and from that moment I told myself that this is what I have been called for and whether my parents to approve it for me to become a sister or not I will follow what my heart desire I compare my life with the words that Mother Mary said let your will be done to me as you have said Luke 1:35 this reminds me remind me that I came here because become because of the will of the lord yes