Moleboheng Matlali

The Rose

About my Symbol

Hi! My name is Moleboheng Matlali! I am from Botshabelo.  I stand here today to tell you about the comparison of my symbol and my life the one that helps me to live my Vocation. My symbol is a Rose a special plant that brings happiness everywhere. I choose it because it symbolise love, passion but even if it does have those things it can be destroyed so easily. There are times whereby it gets hurt and dry up like me. I get hurt and heal so slowly without people not knowing or noticing just like a rose. The time you noticed that it's dry it is the time it recovers. With it you will be so sure with its pedals that something was wrong so I take myself as a rose.

More about my Symbol

Then I told myself that if this is the will of God, showing me that with the little time I have I shall make a move in my life and be passionate about my life then I should do what I have to do. But in it there was a pressure that was making me to think harder. Well! I made myself to be pushed and also to push myself sitting alone made me to think about my vacation and school will I be able to push them both or should I push one at the time? the question was still roaming in my head I continued to ask myself lots and lots of questions, I end up saying does the Lord really testing me, to see what am I passionate about.

Comparing my Life with my Symbol

Then I remembered the flower or Rose that I compare myself with, that can attract and get dry the following day without blooming. I made a decision on that telling myself that I Should Be the one that have a passion, that can Bloom my snowing the aroma in it and I also there were times whereby I felt like God has abundant me to go through the journey alone. because sometimes I could feel like crying without no reason and feel like going somewhere I could be just alone, where I feel like sometimes a hurt on me not realising that there are times whereby we have good days and bad one but it was well tell me that don't worry about this year you should be strong for everything that you face because the journey that you going or have chosen it's not a simple one but if you are dedicated to leave it you should be strong and have faith everything has its own time and challenges are there I asked God to give me there with them to face everything that comes and have courage to sign and attract got to help me like a fun that attracts the flower to grow and now the That patience is virtue also to thank God for still showing me a way to leave my location making me the UN to understand the way I should believe even when it's not easy but with him everything is possible to be achieved I hope that that stage I'm taking what I'm making me to think and have passion with my life and vocation so my dear sisters I'm asking you to accept me in my in your congregation as a Postulant. Thank you!