Palesa Dignity Tlake

Divine Mercy Rosary

Hear more about my symbol of Divine Mercy

Hello, my name is Palesa Dignity Tlake and I am from Welkom. My symbol as a request to join the Franciscan Sisters of Siessen is a Divine Mercy Rosary. It’s a very important tool to each and every Catholic. We believe that it protects the person wearing it and as an African child who was raised by a very traditional people who believed so much in our ancestors, I would say that we also use the Rosary to involve or to call on our greatest mother Mary, mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. To intercede for us or to help us in our needs.

Why Divine Mercy for me?

I choose this one of Divine Mercy because one could say that it has two different colours, but the main reason why I choose it it's because to me it symbolises the blood and water  come out  from Jesus heart and sides when he was crucified. This reminds me every time I look down and I kneel down and pray the Divine Mercy Rosary that Jesus leaved for me that he gave up his life for me. Today in a similar way I kneel before his holy alter, I make a promise to the Holy Trinity that as long as I'm able, I will serve him I will be his instrument, I will be his mouthpiece to his people. This Rosary symbolises my life before religious life and my life within the religious life. The decades of this Rosary symbolises the hardship of life and also it symbolises that whatever life may throw at me I will Conquer and prosper what went too big to come back again stronger than before.


This Rosary also has a point where the two sides meet I consider this part as the Cross Road of my life this symbolises that whatever I learnt in the previous life will always have an impact in my new life I consider this part as intercession for my entire session of my life that even though I came to him with my own burden.

Since that day I came, I came as unworthy and unfit as I am. his plans to me and I became white like snow and I became fat and with a creature to serve him because at the end of the day Lord’s will must be done at the end of the day what is left is the master that I am saving. May the Divine assistance always remain with us!!!