Sr. M. Electa Wild OSF

Profile of Sr. M. Electa Wild

Born: 12 – 08 – 1939, shortly before the start of World War ii.

Born German, now S. A. Citizen, knowing and experiencing the histories of both Germany and South Africa, have never been patriotic of either.

My father being unfit for war service because of poor hearing, our family stayed together and grew. I was the second of 7, but my elder brother was murdered before he was 9 years old. One child died after a week, one brother died as a result of a car crash at 28.

Now I am left with my only sister and 2 brothers.

From early in life I was a keen reader, from +/- 11 years I read many books, amongst them stories about missionaries. During all my primary school years, Reinstetten was fortunate to have the witness and services of Franciscan sisters of Siessen, their commitment and examples were amazing, how hard their lives were, I only learned much later. Often I assisted them decorating the Parish Church and even hanging up the laundry, working about where some strong items fitted.

I had an aunt in Brandenburg whom one rarely got to see and two cousins in Reute; these were in nursing; one died as a novice, I attended her funeral. All of this probably affected my mind-but uppermost was the wish becoming a missionary.

But Siessen? That was for a “better class” of people! Or really? After the post war struggles, sisters looked for vocations – so between the Lord and some sisters, strings were pulled; I became a candidate in 1954, attended Aufban – Gymnasium for 3 years, then moved to St. Agnes for another 3 years to obtain metric 1959.

Postulancy 1959 April – October

Noviciate  October 1959 – October 1960

First Profession October 1960

Sent to South Africa in April 1961

Training for General Nursing at St. Mary’s Hospital, Marianhill from 1961 to October 1964.

Since my aim, however, was Education: enrolled at the then UOFS, all white, all Afrikaans. BA 1965 – 1968

Univ. Education Diploma 1969

Starting to work at Mariasdal High School in 1970

BA Hon. Part-time 1970 and 1971

Worked at Mariasdal from January 1970 to December 1996 = 27 years

March 1997 – March 1998 “Sabbatical”! In Brazil; it was tough but truly a gift from God!

March 1998 to September 2003 teaching at Pica Pau High School in Pomfet, with 2 Brazilian sisters serving the community of Angolans.

Early 2004, at request by Archbishop Tlhagale, involved in the battle against HIV/AIDS.