Sr. M. Elizabeth Pebane

I am Sr. Elizabeth Pebane from Bloemfontein. I was born in Jackersfontein

I got my call from the preaching of Fr. Clarhout, he was talking about the disciples and I thought as woman, to follow Jesus requires a man. If I am a woman I can’t. But Fr. Clarhout assured me that there are women in the church who are doing the apostolic work like those apostles of Jesus and he offered to take me to them. I spoke to my parents about that and they allowed me to go and visit the sisters. When it was about time to go, I went to my mother and said mother, kiss me I am going but my father went behind the house to keep himself busy, he didn’t really want me to leave. I was my father’s favourite daughter because of being a first among girls.

The first person we met was mother Francisca, I was a little bit scared when I saw her thinking that I brought myself to the Boers because she was European. But she was nice to me and I had a small conversation with the sisters and they introduced me to few African youngsters. I was delighted to see them and decided to stay.

My first work was to feed pigs and try to milk cows that was not easy for me. I became a novice mistress for 15 years, and at that time when I started, there were no girls. I had to fish for them. I attended workshops conducted by the Holy Family sisters and from there I had to do it alone. Because I have learnt a lot from the sister.

Few came from different places. Others did not really fit for the place but eventually I had good groups and I even got a help from Sr. Sylvia to manage new comers. When I am busy with Novices. They are all good sisters now.

I was trained as a teacher and I was once a Principal in our School here in Assisi. Later on I went to Mariasdal, together with Sr. Elector we started Mariasdal High School. I taught there for 6 years. And then I was sent for formation training that is why I managed to be a formator for 15 years.

It was my wish to work in the field of mission work but Fr. Morrisey made me aware that, I am called to train people for that work.

 We had a Regional Chapter and I was elected as a Regional Superior, at that time we were only a region not a Province. We became a Province in 2004. I was a Superior for 9 years.

Now I am enjoying my old age. Thank you!