Sr. M. Winifred Mosololi

I am Sr. M. Winifred Mosololi, I was born in Kroonstad, in South Africa. Baptised and made my First Holy Communion and received Confirmation in a Catholic Church. Although my parents had only 3 girls, I was born in a family of 4 Women, 7 Girls and just 1 boy (My grandmother, her 3 kids and her 8 grandchildren). My mother and my aunts went to their different houses later at some point but I still see my cousins as my biological sisters and the only brother we had was taken by the Lord. Our family did not have much of this world’s materials but one thing that we did have in abundance was happiness and love.

​We attended Notre Dame St. Peter’s School, Kroonstad. And then moved to Bloemfontein with my parents and siblings. There I went to Mabolela and Kgabane Primary Schools and then St. Bernards H S, Sekhutlong H S in QwaQwa and back to St. Bernards H S until Matric.


Inspired by the life of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I told my mother that I would like to help her in whatever ministry she is up to, in my life I never wanted to see any person who seem to be poor, lonely or neglected. I wouldn’t mind to share my whole lunchbox with someone who is not eating at lunch break when I was at school. My mother told me about other sisters in the Diocese of Bloemfontein who might be doing the same work as Mother Teresa, instead of going to Calcutta because it is too far.

I attended a vocational workshop conducted by the Holy Cross Sisters at our School. That was the beginning of my search for Religious Life. Thought that maybe this would be the place, but I did not really feel that call. Then Fr. Mosoeu OMI took me to the Franciscan sisters of Siessen. From entering their Convent door I knew this was where God wanted me to be.  The sisters struck me as if I was in another world, the design of their habits, everything about them spoke of a mystical realm for which I longed.

I joined the Franciscan Sisters of Siessen in the year 1995. I was made a Candidate after few visitations as a Come and See. But I was still at school at that time.

​When I talked everything out with my parents they were very supportive even though my Father was reluctant in the beginning,  that I won’t have children and he was looking forward to seeing his grandchildren from me. But he eventually allowed God’s will to be done. They both stood by me in any obstacle which was on my way. It is with eternal gratitude that I remember my wonderful faith filled parents who are no more and I thank God that they were there to witness when I make my first vows in 1999 and perpetual vows in 2004.


I studied Education and graduated at the then UOFS (Diploma in education and Higher Diploma in Education) few year later I studied Graphic and Multimedia at ATTI and graduated there.  God has called me to a place where I can use my gifts and talents in His service.

The sisters are striving to give of their best and accepting the daily challenge. I too did my best, I became a teacher and managed some of our preschools. Trying to live out of our charism and Gospel Values.  We sisters are truly like a family. It is a blessing to be able to pray together, learn from each other, and laugh with one another.

I am grateful to God for all the graces and blessings of these years. There have been joys and sorrows along the way, but God’s grace was always there to uphold me.

​As I said earlier, my deepest gratitude to my parents who made it possible and encouraged me. ​ This is my journey of Religious Life